Our four focus areas are designed to facilitate innovative solutions that unleash the full potential for good within your organization.

What We Do


Better Good Group's focus areas include Strategic Clarity, Leadership Development, Compelling Communication and Healthy Culture. Exceptional growth and success are attainable as barriers to development are removed. We are your partner in this work—curating a global network of successful leaders and strategists—and will engage any challenge to help you navigate toward a better future. 


Strategic Clarity

We guide your organization through customized, results-oriented strategy development, focused on defining the truly unique and unorthodox pursuits that set you apart. But our partnership doesn't end there, as we work tirelessly to help implement your important work and measure success with the correct metrics, the ones that drive behaviors for both the long-term and short-term health of your organization.

Organizational change is nearly constant in response to the ever-shifting target of your customers or constituents. Organizations must learn to stay intellectually flexible and curious. Innovation is survival.



  • Growth Oriented Strategy Design

  • Strategy Ideation Facilitation

  • Innovation Design Thinking Solutions

  • Organizational Intentionality & Alignment

  • Campaign Development


Leadership Development

The success of an organization requires more than a winning strategy. The ability to effectively implement that strategy while maintaining a healthy culture is dependent on exceptional leadership. No one is born a gifted leader. Those skills grow and develop over time, directly proportionate to the effort given to betterment and the environmental support for that process. Your shareholders, board members and employees deserve exceptional leaderships, and you want to provide it for them.

We guide leaders and teams through a Collaboration Assessment process to better understand potential areas of growth and then facilitate the development needed to thrive. Through our Authentic Leadership Identity (ALI) executive development program, an executive leader is given the opportunity to discern her/his unique leadership fingerprint and engage in an ongoing coaching relationship. Every leader, regardless of level or experience, will benefit from being guided through this development intensive.



  • Authentic Leadership Identity Executive Development Program

  • Collaborative Leadership Assessment To Increase Voice Diversity & Ownership

  • Developing Leader & Team Coaching

  • Team Conflict Management Facilitation


Compelling Communication

A strategy is only as effective as it is understood. As we see regularly in the news, every word from an organization either increases or diminishes the value of their brand. Excellent internal and external communication are essential for any organization to grow and thrive. Effective communication saves time and money, while poor communication is very expensive.

The difference between a mediocre communicator and one who has honed this important craft is felt immediately and in every interaction. We’ve all sat in that presentation where the ideas weren’t bad, but the communication was so ineffective that we couldn’t move forward with the idea. Bad communication kills great ideas and significantly hinders opportunity for personal and organizational advancement.

We work with your team to help you tell your good story, better; And we work to develop your key communicators to help them thrive. Your external communication can improve and increase customer buy-in and growth. But communication isn’t simply about external brand. Increasing the effectiveness of your internal communication practices can be the difference between a team feeling valued as contributors with high job satisfaction, or being devalued as unimportant, significantly diminishing the value of their output.



  • Communication & Public Speaking Coaching For Leaders

  • External Communication Strategy Development For Growth

  • Internal Communication Strategy Development For Increased Engagement

  • Crisis Response Communication Strategy


Healthy Culture

The great Peter Drucker said it best, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Total organizational alignment of the best strategy, fantastic leadership development process, and clear communication is dependent on a healthy culture. Healthy things grow. Certainly organizations can fake it in the short term, but eventually the lack of an intentionally thriving culture will harm the long-term effectiveness of any organization.

At Better Good Group our experience tells us that one of the most important attributes of a healthy culture is having a collaborative environment, with each team member considering what is best for the overall organization. When another team member succeeds, the whole team wins. Listening and collaboration lead to better, more effective strategy, leadership and communication.

Collaboration is only as diverse as the people giving input. Teams that are multicultural and multigenerational better represent your global consumer base, increasing growth opportunities. The best cultures are inclusive and empowering of every kind of person and we want to help you become more diverse and collaborative for the growth and success of your organization.



  • Personnel Restructure and Organizational Turn-Around

  • Diversity & Inclusion Connected To Organizational Strategy

  • Unconscious Bias Training

  • Race and Gender Solidarity Training

  • Corporate Service Project Design & Implementation

  • Organizational Values Alignment Facilitation

  • Cultural Health Assessment & Action Planning

  • Team Retreat Facilitation


Spanning the spectrum from job creation to community development, organizations have so much potential to be a force for good in the world. Through best practice methods of design thinking and strategy development we guide a collaborative process that partners your proficiency with our expertise, defining and implementing an actionable plan for organizations and leaders to thrive.  


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