Leadership Coaching


Better Good Group has had the opportunity to coach a handful of executive leaders over the last year, and each experience has been unique. Some leaders are navigating significant career shifts and looking for a guide in that process, while others are new managers stepping into the largest roles of their careers and looking for a coach to navigate the challenges of team leadership, people management, engaging challenging people, and leadership development.

One of the tools used during coaching sessions is inspired by Aristotle's principle of The Three Persuasions. He famously stated, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Through a series of guided exercises each person works to discover her/his Authentic Leadership Identity. The lightbulb moments our clients experience when they discover their core identity as a leader are beautiful to watch and experience.

Here’s the basic framework for that process:


I have loved every second of the unexpected opportunity that Executive Coaching has been. It’s an honor any time someone lets me join their journey. I look forward to this continuing to be a focus area for my work as Better Good Group continues to grow. There are already multiple new executives signed-on for coaching in 2018 and I’m sure their needs and experiences will be as different and dynamic as the others have been.

Learn more about Executive Coaching and how discovering your Authentic Leadership Identity can make a difference in your career.

Jon Klinepeter

Founder of Better Good Group LLC, is a courageous leader and curious strategist who was made to empower organizations and leaders to thrive. His passion is helping those that want to leave the world better than they found it.